Name Tenure Notes
James Harrison February 12, 1999–present Leader
Triple H February 12–October 25, 1999
July 24, 2002
–August 19, 2013
Kicked out following the reincarnation of D-Generation X
Rejoined, but left after starting The Authority
Stone Cold Steve Austin February 12, 1999–November 17, 2003 Left after being fired from the WWE
The Rock February 12, 1999–August 23, 2004
September 16, 2011
Left after leaving the WWE
Rejoined after rejoining the WWE
Kurt Angle November 29, 1999–August 25, 2006 Left after leaving the WWE
Kaitlyn June 23, 2012–July 17, 2014 Left after retiring
AJ Lee November 10, 2011–April 3, 2015 Left after retiring
Beth Pheonix May 22, 2006–October 29, 2012 Left after leaving the WWE
Big Daddy V
September 14, 2004–March 11, 2008 Left after leaviing the WWE
Eve Torres October 29, 2007–December 11, 2012 Left after leaving the WWE
The Boogeyman August 12, 2005–March 4, 2009 Left after leaving the WWE
Mark Henry March 16, 2015–present

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