André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Cesaro after winning the inaugural trophy.
Current champion(s) Big Show
Date won April 6, 2014
Date established April 6, 2014
Promotion WWE

The André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal is a professional wrestling tournament and promoted by the American professional wrestling promotion WWE. It is a huge battle royal held every year at WrestleMania beginning with a 31-man event at WrestleMania XXX and it was a 30-man event at WrestleMania 31. The first event was won by Cesaro before he attempted to defend the next year but was won by the Big Show.


No. Champion Reign Date Location Event Last man elimainted Notes
1 Cesaro 1 April 6, 2014 New Orleans, Louisiana WrestleMania XXX Big Show 31-man battle royal
2 Big Show 1 March 29, 2015 Santa Clara, California WrestleMania 31 Damien Mizdow 30-man battle roayl

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